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Osage Wireline, Inc. has been serving the central and eastern portions of Oklahoma and Kansas oil and gas fields since 1978. With over 20,000 logs in our library and 23 years of personal field experience in these areas, quality logging and log analysis have become our forte.

Besides resistivity and porosity logging our goal is to help local producers with the challenging task of receiving excellent well analysis while maintaining proprietary information between clients. With hundreds of satisfied customers our goal seems to be achieved. If you have any questions about log analysis or would like us to look at a log for you, please feel free to contact us by phone or through the website. I'll try to post log analysis tips from time to time. Thanks for visiting us. we hope to hear from you soon!

Eventually I'd like to cover the fundamentals of logging and tool functions.
However for a quick nugget..."when looking for gas in shale, ie (Mulkey, Summit, Caney, Hushpuckney, Woodford ) always look for a decrease in Gamma Ray counts adjacent to a corresponding increase in resistivity".
I've got some guidelines for how much of this effect it takes to produce as well as some interesting stories of production rates directly tied to resistivity in shale. Give us a call!

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